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Difference between FDA and LFJB (EU)

     Over the past 10 years, we have supplied silicone household products to many countries around the world. For European countries, they need products that pass the LFJB (EU) test, and for non-European countries, they need products that pass the FDA test.

     Below is a comparison photo of FDA and LFGB(EU) products.

2 对比 (1)


2 对比 (2)


     1. FDA products use ordinary food grade silicone; LFJB uses special silicone (we call it gas rubber).Ordinary silica gel shows white, and gas rubber shows transparent color, as shown in the figure below.

1 材质

     2. We can also identify them by stretching the product.

For FDA products, white traces will appear after being stretched; for LFJB (EU) products, white traces will not appear after being stretched, as shown in the figure below.

4区分 (2)
3区分 (1)


4区分 (1)
3区分 (2)


     3. The weight of FDA products is lighter, and the weight of LFJB (EU) products is heavier, as shown in the figure below.

5重量 (1)


5重量 (2)


     4. LFJB (EU) products need to be baked in an oven (at a temperature of 200 degrees) for 3-4 hours after completion. FDA products are not required, as shown below.


     LFJB (EU) testing is a must if you want to sell silicone products in Europe. For non-European countries, FDA is sufficient.

     If you happen to need FDA and LFJB (EU) products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Post time: Aug-27-2022