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New technology – products made of liquid silicone

     Generally speaking, there are two kinds of silicone materials, solid silicone and liquid silicone. Solid silicone is the most frequently used material, which can produce almost all silicone products.

     If the customer wants to customize each part of the same product to different colors, then solid silicone cannot be achieved. But liquid silicone can do it. Recently, our company purchased the latest liquid silicone injection feeder, which is used to convert solid silicone into liquid silicone, and then produce silicone products through molds.

     As images bellow:

     New technology/New equipment

1 (6)

Solid silicone

1 (5)

Liquid silicone

1 (4)

1.Silicone injection feeder

1 (5)

2.Convert solid silicone into liquid silicone

1 (3)

3.Put liquid silicone into the mold for production

1 (7)

4.various colors for one product

1 (2)

4.various colors for one product

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Post time: Oct-26-2022