China's Best Creative Company For Silicone Ice Ball

Why did the USA client let us design his silicone ice ball?

     Recently, an USA customer found us through our Google website. After browsing our website, he found us actively. He said that he liked our new style very much and knew that we had a strong design team and mold team, which could provide OEM & ODM services for customers. He hoped that we could design the silicone ice ball he wanted.

     The customer's requirement is very simple, hoping to have a pattern similar to ripples on the surface of the sphere, round, 4 holes, and a single hole with a diameter of 5.5CM.

     Through the customer's reply, I let our designers make many improvements and finally meet the customer's requirements.

      If you also want to customize silicone ice balls , pls contact me .

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Post time: Dec-15-2022