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Have you ever understood the color of silicone products?

Many consumers are attracted by the color and appearance of some products, especially in gifts and handicrafts. As is well known, silicone products are a type of rubber and plastic products that are inherently practical and aesthetically pleasing, and are widely used in daily life. In addition to their functional role, they can achieve a multi-color effect and a saturated color system, Mainly, a lot of time has been invested in blending the appearance color, so what are the detailed methods for blending?


Firstly, it is important to know that the color pigment material of the color masterbatch is silicone material used for coloring. Various color additives are added to the silicone material to achieve a certain color effect. Its combination additives are mainly formulated for the raw materials of silicone products and cannot be used in other materials. Color mixing can be used in any product without any impact, such as household silicone products and silicone decorative products, Silicone gifts and some electronic peripheral accessories, etc.


What are the basic characteristics of silicone masterbatch?


1、 Light resistance of silicone color masterbatch


The light resistance of silicone color masterbatch refers to its ability to withstand light. Disperse the pigment in a certain medium and make a sample. At the same time as the "Blue Standard for Sun Fastness" sample card, expose it to a specified light source for a certain period of time. Compare the degree of discoloration and indicate that level 1 is the worst, and level 8 is the best.


2、 Heat resistance of silicone color masterbatch


The heat resistance of silicone color masterbatch refers to its ability to withstand heat, and the larger the number, the better the heat resistance. The pigment is dispersed in polyolefin to form one-third of the standard color, and remains for 5 minutes after molding in an injection molding machine.


3、 Migration resistance of silicone color masterbatch


The migration resistance of silicone color masterbatch refers to the ability of color masterbatch to resist migration. Migration refers to the migration of colorants from the interior of a product to the surface of the product or from an interface of a product to the product and solvent.


In the production and processing of silicone masterbatch, pigments are thoroughly mixed with carriers through abundant mixing under the action of additives. When in use, a certain proportion is placed in the silicone to be processed, and the color masterbatch quickly enters the character, recognizing the "family" of the silicone. Affinity - Compatibility is significantly better than color powder coloring, therefore, for manufacturers producing film and silicone products, it is more appreciated.


What should be considered when choosing silicone color masterbatch? From the perspective of silicone product processing manufacturers - in order to produce universal silicone color masterbatch, it is necessary to choose pigments with high heat resistance and wide applicability. After the temperature resistance level of pigment powder reaches a certain level, the cost of pigments will increase by 50% to 100% for every 10 ℃ to 20 ℃ increase.


Post time: May-18-2023