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How do large brand companies choose high-quality Chinese silicone suppliers?

As we all know, big brands have strong economic strength, brand strength, and strong influence. The good or bad self image directly determines the sales performance. So when they choose Chinese suppliers, they will be very picky and will conduct an all-round investigation on a company.


Our company cooperates with some famous American brands. In a chat, the purchasing manager said a lot about how to select high-quality Chinese suppliers. They must meet the following requirements:


1. Strong product innovation capability:

As we all know, many competitors are selling the same products. The competition is so fierce that all suppliers have to compete through low prices, but this is not good for them and greatly reduces the profits of products. Therefore, new products are always the key to enterprise competitiveness.

The only way is:

1) Find a company with strong product development and let them bring you more new products

2) Find a powerful company that can open new molds. As long as you provide design drawings, they will convert the drawings into real products.


2. Reasonable price:

If you are a factory, it is better to provide factory price. For buyers, price is undoubtedly the most sensitive issue, because it is directly related to the interests of both parties. When many sellers give you quotations, if the price is too high, you may be unable to bear it; If the price is too low, you may risk product quality. Sometimes some suppliers choose low price raw materials to meet the low price, which is very common in China.

My suggestion is to choose a moderate price, at least it can ensure the quality of products and a certain profit margin.


3. Good quality assurance:

Product quality is the lifeblood of an enterprise. A product without quality assurance cannot go far.

Low quality products will only bring more negative comments from consumers, which will seriously affect the enterprise's own image.

So when investigating a supplier, you need to ask them to provide the following data:

1) Product certification

2) Company certification

3) Consumer evaluation

4) Actual sample


4. Stable delivery date:

For large brand companies, their orders will be large, and sea transportation is undoubtedly the best choice to reduce freight. However, containers and freighters are time limited, requiring suppliers to deliver the goods to the warehouse or wharf designated by customers within the specified time, and then complete customs clearance and other procedures. If the supplier fails to deliver the goods to the above locations within the specified time, the customer will suffer greater losses.

My suggestion is: if you really think this supplier meets your requirements, you can make a trial order, such as 5000/10000 pieces, to check the delivery date of the supplier.


5. Professionalism of sales personnel:

This is crucial. The salesperson is the direct contact of the buyer. If the salesperson is professional enough, he can solve almost all problems for you. All you need to do is receive the goods.

1) When the customer is interested in the product, don't rush to promote it. What you need to do is to understand the customer's real needs, and then serve the customer right;

2) When the customer does not know which product to choose, he will investigate the market situation for you and recommend products suitable for your market;

3) When the customer does not know which kind of packaging, he will recommend common packaging methods to you, and point out the advantages and disadvantages of each packaging method;

4) When customers encounter difficulties in sales and explain problems to you, you need to know everything and find the best solution.

6. Flexible payment method:

There are many payment methods, such as:

1) Alibaba Sinosure orders;

2) PayPal

3) Western Union


5) L/C


We need to be flexible according to the needs of customers, and never stick to the same path.

If you are a big brand, do you recognize me?

Thank you for watching.

Post time: Nov-21-2022